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Wildflower Trail

Huntsville has rich bounty of nature trails available for walking, hiking, viewing wildflowers, or just communing with nature.  One of the largest and most important of the land trust property is located on the side of Monte Sano Mountain -- which is also the location for our home (1012 Pratt Avenue.  Many trails are available here as can be seen on the image to the left.

Linda and I have a habit of taking a 2 mile are greater walk every day.  Most of the time we either walk along the streets in our neighborhood or walk through Maple Hill Cemetery (which is located just a few blocks south of our home.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had heard that it was time for the wildflowers to be making an entry, so we decided to walk on the "Wildflower Trail" which is located at the end of Cleermont Drive.  You can find this trail on the map on the left side about in the middle.  (click on the map for an expanded view).

As it turns out we should have had the map with us for we got lost and didn't know which trail would take us back to where we came in.  Fortunately there were some fellow hikers and they were able to direct us to the right path.  We actually were heading basically in the correct direction and could have made it out without help.

The wildflowers did not disappoint, especially along the banks of the streams.  We saw a number of small while flowers and a number of some very pretty yellow flowers which we learned were call "Trout Lilly" based on the speckled leaves.  Also we some some Trillium leaves, but not blooms.  I guess it was too early.

The following images are what we found.

Trout Lilies

Some white flowers (I don't know what they are