TotF Fall 2013 - eworley

Fall 2013 and Block of the Month Creation

Linda needed some help with construction of the Patches Block of the Month Quilt for 2014. Jay and Mop were already at TotF, so we joined them for a quick two day visit. I was hoping to take some good fall images, but the weather did not cooperate being overcast most of the time.
I did keep trying and took a few images.

Of course the main purpose of our visit was so that Mop could help Linda with construction of the 2014 Block of the Month quilt.

(Click on any photo to get a full view)

I did find some interesting reflections in a couple of small ponds, one by the road coming in and the other behind the woodworking shop.

There were some pretty fall images around even though the leafs were not at their peak.

On leaving TotF we turned right at Charley's Creek Road and the over Neddy's Knob where we foundsome more views of fall
in the Smokey Mountains.