MSU Football - eworley

A good friend of mine, John Chapman, had two season tickets to the Miss State football games.  His wife could not go this week, so he asked me to go with him.  I was glad to accept.  We left Huntsville around 11:30AM and traveled to Starkville by way of Tupelo, where we at lunch.  We got to the campus plant early to enjoy the atmosphere and sights surrounding a SEC football game.  I really enjoyed the experience -- especially hearing and then seeing the Famous Maroon Band march into the stadium.  It brought back many happy memories of days long gone by.  Those were good days and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Band!  

Chap took this picture of me just before we went in to the stadium.  I didn't know that I looked this bad! But I took another image inside in which I looked worse!  It is interesting that I perceive myself differently than I actually am.  I still think of myself as the young, immature boy that once walked these paths, played in this band, and watched this football team loose.  I don't think that I have changed, but when I see images of myself then I see, sadly -- very sadly, that I have.

I didn't take many images while there .  I guess I was just too involved in the goings on.

But I did take these two images high up in the stadium.   On one of them you see a good view of the old cafeteria which still serves today as a cafeteria. 


I did get a few and they are presented below.

I thought that the Famous Maroon Band was great, I have to say when they marched in playing "Hail State" it brought a little tear to my eye along with a flood of good memories.

I don't know how the MSU football team can be so bad over such a long period of time.  Other teams seem to improve and are exciting to watch for their fans.  I wish that I could be a fan of some other team, but I cannot.   I am forever, well at least for this life, linked to MSU and its athletic programs.  The good thing is, of course, that in the grand scheme of things it does not matter one bit whether they win, loose or draw.