Florida 2013 - Stuart 60th - eworley

Daytona Beach

In September of 2013 we all gathered in Florida to celebrate the 60th birthday of Stuart. Our adventure began in Daytona Beach at Jay and Mop's condo. Stuart and Sherrie joined us there and we spent some quality time eating, talking, walking and just having a good time.

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Daytona Beach Lighthouse

The tour of the lighthouse was very interesting, but the most interesting/depressing items that we say were the two images below. These are images of two makeshift boats that were used by refugees from Cuba to the United States. They were found very recently. No information was give as to the status of the "passengers". Can you image trying to survive on the open seas on craft such as these? I cannot! Also can you imagine what the life for the folks on these rafts must have been to attempt such a dangerous journey.
But there was some "lighthouse" stuff there also.

Cape Caneveral

Well, the one thing that Stu said that he wanted to do was to visit the Cape -- and that was certainly great for me. Linda and I spent the last three years of my professional career at the Cape living in Shorewood condos on the beach. So I was really looking forward to see some of my old stomping grounds -- and it did not disappoint at all. We took the "mega" 3.5 hour tour which included the VAB, the launch tower, a Saturn V display and the display of the space shuttle Atlantis. All well worth seeing.

After we spent our time on the cape we ate supper/lunch and one of our favorite eating joints -- Dixie Crossroads -- where we dined on rock shrimp. It was as good as I remember them being.

After that Linda and I drove around our old Condo and were impressed with the amount of construction that had taken place since we were last there in 1999.

The following images capture just a few of the sights and sounds of that tour.


Of course the main joy of any gathering is the association with the folks. We had a great time just sitting and talking, watching football, and a whole lot of eating.

I tried to take some "folk" pictures and I may have missed somebody -- I surely hope that i didn't. But I am sorry if I did.

I any event here are they are.

A Great Time Was Had by ALL!

Thanks to our hosts Jay and Mop!