Eagles and an old truck - eworley

Eagles and an old truck

I have tried several time to get a photo of  the eagles that are nesting close to Guntersville Dam.  This was the best opportunity that I have had even though there always seemed to be a branch or twig between me and the eagles.

In any event on this day one of the eagles was sitting on a branch in a tree next to the tree in which the nest is contained.  This first image is one of the nest itself.  

All images are with my D7100/70-150mm lens/2x extender) .  All images are taken at maximum zoom -- that is 150mm.  So I have an effective of focal length of 450mm  (150x2x1.5)

This is a good view of the nest.  I understand that there are two chicks inside but they are not visible in this image.  We are a long way from the nest and this is an un-cropped -- that is full view image.

As an aside, I am impressed with the optical stabilization.  This image, and all other images of the eagles was taken hand-held.  I think the results are very sharp considering.

The next two images are different views of the eagle sitting on a limb in a nearby tree.  The lighting was very good and I was able to get a good shot -- except for the pesky limbs and twigs that always seemed to be in the way.

From these images and the one of the nest it is possible to get some view of the size off the nest relative to the size of the eagles.

Again, these two images are un-cropped and are 6000x4000 pixels in the original.

The following image is a cropped view of the eagle. (2270x1513 pixels -- about 1/3 reduced from original.

An old truck

Well, we were driving along a farm road after taking the eagle pictures and saw this old bar, which of course I had to try to capture an image.

But then we rounded a curve and came up this neat old truck.  Some have said that it was/is a Ford -- I don't really know.  I just thought it was neat.  So here are a few images that I took.