Blue Ridge Sunset - eworley
Even though the Parkway was closed due the dumb Government shutdown Linda and I went up there and tried to find a good site looking West. We turned to the left and settled on a site called "Caney Fork Overlook". As it turns out we had settled on one of the two best spots on the Parkway to view a sunset.

I am not comfortable with my technique in taking sunsets. I took over 100 shots in hopes that some would be OK. (That is not a good strategy I know, but it was the best that I could do at the time.)

In any event here are the few that I have selected and modified in Lightroom. I would appreciate comments.
Not really a sunset image, but my attempt at trying to capture some of the Blue Ridges at Sunset.

These images were taken to the left as we looked to the West with the Sun going down in front of us.

And these were taken looking in the general direction of the setting sun. We were blessed with a spectacular sunset . I just have to improve my technique to better capture what I am seeing. That is, though, the main challenge with nature photography.